Smart parts shocker 4x4 manual

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<i>Shocker</i> paintball marker - pedia

Shocker paintball marker - pedia Semi-Automatic, Rebound, Three-Round Burst, Full-Automatic. (Upgraded modes : semi capped/uncapped, PSP, NXL Full Auto capped/uncapped, PSP Three-Shot, Three-Round Burst, Auto Response, and many others...) The first generation Shocker was one of the first mass-produced electropneumatic paintball markers on the market, effectively making it the "grandfather" of most markers used in tournament paintball today. The Shocker is a series of electropneumatic paintball markers manufactured by Smart Parts. The orinal Shocker was built by PneuVentures and distributed by.

Why I will NEVER endorse a GoG gun. paintball - Reddit

Why I will NEVER endorse a GoG gun. paintball - Reddit Its closed bolt, hammerless desn operated using two solenoids, rather than a hammer and spring, to open and close the valve and to cycle the bolt independently. Manuals for nearly every gun. Smart Parts made many iconic parts and guns over the years. They went on to produce the Shocker 4x4.

<b>Smart</b> <b>Parts</b> <b>Shocker</b> Sport - Paintball

Smart Parts Shocker Sport - Paintball Due to its large boxlike shape and snificant weht, it was often referred to by the nicknames "shoebox" and "brick". TM. Manual. Includes Shocker Sport 4X4. TM and Shocker Sport Turbo. TM. Smart Parts warrants for 1 year to initial retail purchaser that the Shocker. Sport.

Smart parts shocker 4x4 manual:

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