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PANASONIC PHONE MANUAL KX TG6641 - Operating Instructions Dital Cordless Answering System Model No. You must subscribe to the appropriateservice offered by your se Table of Contents Voice memo ......................................41 Introduction Remote operation .............................41 Model composition ..............................3 Answering system settings ...............43 Accessory information .........................4 Voice Mail Service Important Information Voice mail service .............................45 For your safety ....................................6 Important safety instructions ...............7 Intercom/Locator For best perfor Introduction Model composition n KX-TG6631 series n KX-TG6641 series R Model shown is KX-TG6632. property, read this section carefully before R Do not disassemble the product. R Use only the supplied Panasonic AC adaptor PNLV226. Battery charging Charge for a Getting Started Panasonic Ni-MH battery performance (supplied batteries) Note when setting up Note for connections Operation Operating time *1 R The AC adaptor must remain In continuous use 13 hours max. By pressing a soft key, you can select B C the feature shown directly above it on J the display. Handset Example: Press M C N or M D N to select 1 MMENU N # 1 1 0 M b N: “Off” the words in quotations. a MSAVE N Date and time 3 MOFF N Important: *1 Base unit R When you install the batteries for the *1 KX-TG6641 series: page 3 first Making/Answering s Erasing a number in the redial list Making s 1 MREDIAL N or M E N REDIAL 2 M b N: Select the desired phone Using the handset number. Using the base unit 3 When you finish talking, press MOFF N or place the handset on the n KX-TG6631 series: page 3 base unit or charger. PANASONIC PHONE MANUAL KX TG6641. Panasonic Telephone Manual Kx Tg6641. search for panasonic telephone manual kx tg6641 look up quick results

Panasonic Dect 60 Plus Manual Kx Tg6641 - KX-TG6632KX-TG6633KX-TG6641KX-TG6643KX-TG6644KX-TG6645Model shown is KX-TG6632. Before initial use, see “Getting Started” on page 9. Please read these operating instructions before using the unit and savethem for future reference. using the product to ensure proper and safe R Do not spill liquids (detergents, cleansers, operation of your product. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Do not allow co Important Information following places: Near obstacles such as ENERGY STAR hills, tunnels, underground, near metal ® As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Panasonic objects such as wire fences, etc. D Navator key – M D N, M C N, M F N, or M E N: Scroll E K through various lists and items. (Volume: M D N or M C N): Adjust the receiver or speaker F volume while talking. L Getting Started MSP-PHONE N (Speakerphone) M N (PLAY) Message indicator SP-PHONE indicator MLOCATOR N MINTERCOM N MERASE N MMUTE N MFLASH N M WAIT N M n N (STOP) MFLASH N MMEMO N M j N M k N(Volume up/down) MCONF N (Conference) M N/ M N (Repeat/Skip) M N (Phonebook) M N (PLAY) Dial keypad ( *: TONE) Message indicator Microphone Microphone MLOCATOR N MINTERCOM N MSP-PHONE N (Speakerphone) MANSWER ON/OFF N SP-PHONE indicator ANSWER ON/OFF indicator MMUTE N MDISPLAY N *1 Bracket MHOLD N MEDIT Getting Started Base unit display items Display n KX-TG6631 series: page 3 Handset display items Item Meaning Answering system Item Meaning answers s with a Within base unit range greeting message and Out of base unit range er messages are not recorded. “Greeting only” ”, R When flashing: page 43) The is put on hold. a MERASE N 1 Lift the handset and dial the phone 3 M b N: “Yes” a MSELECT N number. You can make s with the base unit after st Making/Answering s Adjusting the speaker volume Handset 1 9 a MPAUSE N n KX-TG6631 series: page 3 2 Dial the phone number. Panasonic Dect 60 Plus Manual Kx Tg6641 Panasonic Dect 60 Plus Manual Kx Tg6641 - Title Ebooks Panasonic Dect 60 Plus Manual Kx Tg6641 - Category

Panasonic KX-TG6643B Operating Instructions Do not use liquid or To prevent severe injury and loss of life/ aerosol cleaners. Connections R Do NOT use Alkaline/Manganese/ Ni-Cd batteries. “Click” Rechargeable Ni-MH ONLY Hooks (120 V AC, 60 Hz) “Click” To single-line telephone jack DSL/ADSL filter* (RJ11C) R When the date and time setting is Correct Wrong displayed, see page 14. the adaptor to feel warm during use.) (standby) R The AC adaptor should be connected to a vertiy oriented or *1 If Eco mode is on. Do not Note: connect the AC adaptor to a ceiling-mounted AC outlet Getting Started Receiver Display Controls MOFF N Handset MFLASH N M WAIT N Microphone A H Charge contacts n Control type Soft keys I The handset features 3 soft keys. Telephone Panasonic KX-TG7622B Operating Instructions Manual. For assistance, please visit n KX-TG6641 series R Model.

<em>PANASONIC</em> PHONE <em>MANUAL</em> KX TG6641 -
<strong>Panasonic</strong> Dect 60 Plus <strong>Manual</strong> Kx Tg6641 -
<b>Panasonic</b> KX-TG6643B Operating Instructions
<strong>Panasonic</strong> Cordless Phone With Answering
<b>Panasonic</b> <b>KX-TG6641</b> Answering Machine

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