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AppendixGlossary of U. S. Navy slang - Wiktionary The fact that they operate beneath the ocean’s surface places them in a dangerous environment under the best of circumstances. The following are some examples of the slang of the United States Navy, you will also. Bluejacket's Manual The handbook of seamanship issued to recruits. Blue Roper also Blue Rope A sailor that is in training to be a Recruit Division.

Recruit Training Center, San Diego, CA - Old Blue Jacket From the very beginning of modern submarining, submarine desn has been influenced by the need to take advantage of the technology of the day. U. S. Navy Recruit Training Center. We learned the 9-count/16-count manual, or one of those damn numbers, with our pieces rifle until we could do it in.

Navy Terms and Trivia - The Goat Locker A submarine on the surface for instance is very vulnerable to an attack from a warship with accurate weapons and aircraft that can pounce with little or no warning using missiles or torpedoes launched form a distance. Modern days worn by Aides to Flag officers and Boot Camp Company. Today, the Bluejackets Manual defines carry on as an order to resume work; work not.

Navy rtc blue jackets manual:

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