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Uk/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/09/Optimax-HE-PLUS-. Run hot water tap, fan runs for 30 secs, depress gas valve button fully, pilot should lht,if not then check voltage to spark generator, also air pressure switch may not be giving full continuity. Pages of this manual. Instructions 1.1 Introduction Dear Customer, thank you for choosing the OPTIMAX HE PLUS C, a FERROLI wall-mounted boiler of.

Guitar pro Check and rectifytest for 24 v AC between terminals 66 and 60. Adjust this setting to number 6 by turning the user heating control potentiometer (appliance type setting; 6= Combi, 2= Conventional 5. Ferroli optimax he 31c manual fh. hp officejet 6500 series drivers. letra de let go paul van dyk

Ferroli optimax he 31c no hot water – Washer Dryer Installation If not making, fan can be removed and fan implellers can be cleaned under a running tap (don't get motor wet observe safe working). check APS tubes are ok and heat exchanger is clean Mode selection switch (Hot water, heating continuous, heating timed rotary selector) can get carbon build up on contacts at back of switch, try spraying contacts with WD40 or equivalent, may need new switch.1. restrictor fitted in flue can cause air pressure switch to drop out 3. Press RESET&MODE keys together to save and exit Parameters on PCB may need setting/rechecking as follows; 1. After adjusting parameters, hold the RESET button for up to 10 seconds to store the value Parameters which may drift are; P 01 is low pressure switch type, 0 is switch, 1 is sensor P 02 is appliance type, 1 is standard combi, 2 is stored combi, 3 is system boiler2 dashes is appliance turned off, press ECO for five seconds to turn back on. S I have arrived back from work today and noticed we have no hot water but the Ferroli OPTIMAX HE PLUS 31C user manual 3184 KB.

Ferroli Manual & Troubleshooting Guide Old honeywell gas valves had problems sticking, check label on side, if says 0-60 degrees C then these have been changed to -15 degrees to 45 degrees gas valves. Press and hold RESET for up to 10 seconds, t5 displays, press RESET key once to enter parameters, P 01 will flash. Use hot water to enter parameter, then use hot water /- to alter value 3. Read/download Ferroli's boilers, water heaters manual and troubleshooting guide.

La-certificazione-energetica.net/. PCB needs telling this is a combi boiler, parameters need resetting to tell the PCB this has a pump (this PCB fits the conventional boiler aswell). I882 - 06/2009 Rev. 00 • Read the warnings given in this manual thorougy. the OPTIMAX HE PLUS 31 C, a FERROLI wall-mounted boiler of the latest.

Ferroli Optimax HE31C Reviews Boilers Review Centre Having spent 11 years as a boiler repair engineer for Ferroli UK this has given me a deeper understanding of the faults you are most likely to experience with boilers manufactured by them. Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 31C boiler installed at my mother-in-law’s address I am now writing to state that unless the boiler can be put back into.

FER System Tech 31c - Manual - Ferroli I also have a detailed knowledge of how the boiler should be set up. TECH 31 C. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE cod. Thank you for choosing the FERSYSTEM TECH 31 C, a FER wall-mounted boiler of the latest generation, featuring. off time the text “d1”. 1.3 Turning.

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Ferroli OPTIMAX HE PLUS 31 C Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Ferroli OPTIMAX HE PLUS 31 C. We have Ferroli OPTIMAX HE PLUS 31 C manual available for free PDF download Instructions.

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