Coolmax power supply tester manual

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PSU Testing Basics for Techs - bble Finding your device's USB ID: Every USB device ever made has its own unique Vendor ID and Product ID, two four-dit hexadecimal numbers that together identify a particular model made by a particular company. Before you get started testing any PSU, you should find out from the. and replace the power supply with a unit matching the specifications of.

USB Devices Compatibility List - Temp, If you have a device's Vendor ID and Product ID you can say with confidence whether any two given USB devices are the same model or not. Wait for Windows to initialize the device, if necessary. Anyone is free to edit this list. Vandals will be banned and their IP blocked from further edits. PLEASE READ ME Guidelines If you are the first person to add a.

Coolmax ATX power supply tester - Open Device Manager, open the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" , rht click on "USB Mass Storage Device", select the "Details" tab, then select "Hardware Ids" from the Property drop-down box. Manual Plug-in your ATX power 24 pin and plug-in P4/P6/P8 into the tester. Turn on your ATX power supply LCD shows each voltage and P. G. value on the screen.

PSU Testing Basics for Techs - bble
USB Devices Compatibility List - Temp,
<strong>Coolmax</strong> ATX <strong>power</strong> <strong>supply</strong> <strong>tester</strong> -

Coolmax power supply tester manual:

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